Tim and Max Solve All The Problems With Popular Culture: Episode 4 – “Money For Money’s Sake”

Tim and Max Solve All The Problems With Popular Culture is STILL the newest podcast in the stable of Mandalorian warmounts that is the Geek Syndicate Network.

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The podcast aims to do exactly what it says on the tin – young buccaneers Tim Swann (@tetrarchangel on twitter) of Psycomedia (psycomedia.wordpress.com) and Max Barnard (@maxy_barnard on twitter) of You Must Hear This (imustreadthis.com) identify a key area where popular geek culture falls down and then try and come up with some ways that both the creators and the audience can fix it.

In our fourth episode, we discuss money, all the songs inspired by money, and we won’t tell you any more until you pay us exorbitant fees. Topics of discussion include the grand battle of whether Dollhouse is a good show, the treachery of Michael Bay, the band 10cc, and Tim spends most of the episode pretending he’s married to Jennifer Morrison.

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One comment

  1. Sam /

    I cannot speak to whether there are other Sams listening to your podcasts, but I can say that I am the Sam commenting on Psycomedia.
    Also, while I do enjoy the premise of this podcast, based on the title I was hoping to hear how to use popular culture to solve all the problems.
    Still, interesting show, and I look forward to future episodes.

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