Tim and Max Solve All The Problems With Popular Culture: Episode 5 – “The Complicated Episode”

Tim and Max Solve All The Problems With Popular Culture is STILL the newest podcast in the stable of subetheric continua that is the Geek Syndicate Network.

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The podcast aims to do exactly what it says on the tin – young buccaneers Tim Swann (@tetrarchangel on twitter) of Psycomedia (psycomedia.wordpress.com) and Max Barnard (@maxy_barnard on twitter) of You Must Hear This (imustreadthis.com) identify a key area where popular geek culture falls down and then try and come up with some ways that both the creators and the audience can fix it.

In our fifth episode, we discuss subtext, both where it clashes and merges with the text, when the sun hasn’t gone to our heads, at least. We also plan Swanncon 2012, picture George Lucas telling Kevin Smith to shut up, plot global population realignment and still find time to highlight the continuing ridiculousness of Marvel Comics.

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