Tim & Max Solve All The Problems With Popular Culture: Episode 3 – “Ehh, It’ll Do”

Tim and Max Solve All The Problems With Popular Culture is STILL the newest podcast in the stable of winged horses that is the Geek Syndicate Network.
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The podcast aims to do exactly what it says on the tin – young bucks Tim Swann (@tetrarchangel on twitter) of Psycomedia (psycomedia.wordpress.com – can this be hyperlinked?) and Max Barnard (@maxy_barnard on twitter) of You Must Hear This (imustreadthis.com – can this be hyperlinked?) identify a key area where popular geek culture falls down and then try and come up with some ways that both the creators and the audience can fix it.

In our third episode, we discuss mediocrity, hopefully without being mediocre. There’s unavoidable Lucas and Spielberg chat, trying to force stuff into franchises, the problems with properties that sell no matter what, and inevitable preludes to the next episode, which will concern money. We might have been bothered to throw in some solutions, since that’s what the franchise demands.

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