Time Of Heroes – The Arrival Hits the App Store

A cool-looking turn-based strategy RPG has been released by German developers Smuttlewerk. Put out for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, Time of Heroes tells the story of Minos, the King of Altland’s son as he battles to save his world with the help of five other characters and armies of soldiers.

Read on for some more info and to see the game trailer:

A great feature that some developers tend to miss is iCloud saves. Meaning you can start this game off on you iPad and pick it back up on your phone! Smuttlewerk have hit the mark with this, a great feature to have in such a big game!

I’m certain that fans of the genre will love this, there’s everything you could wish for; Elves, Swords, battles and various skill trees to advance through.

‘Time of Heroes’ is a 3D turn-based strategy game with heavy roleplaying elements, which, thanks to the groundbreaking combat system, easy accessibility and modern graphics, enables the player to immerse himself for many hours in the fantasy world of ‘Altland’.

I love RPGs, from Pokemon to Skyrim, there’s something that just grabs me about the genre. But I’ve never given the turn-based style of gameplay a shot, so i’m really excited to give this a go. Look out for my review in the coming weeks!

And for just three days, Time of Heroes is only 69p on the app store!

For more information on the storyline, controllable units and main characters visit the game’s site: www.timeofheroes-game.com

GS Reporter: Tom

Source: Smuttlewerk

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