Time Travelers Wife travels to TV

This has caused me to have a very similar reaction to the news that Bryan Singer is making a new Battlestar Galactica movie.  A big HUH? You see Audrey Niffenger’s wonderful tale of a relationship affectted by uncontrollable time travel was one of my favourite books in the year that I read it.  The movie staring Eric Bana and Rachel McAdam has opened this week, pulling in $20 million in it’s first 3 days.


The movie seems to have had mixed reactions and the director’s insistence that this is not sci-fi (hello – time travel!!) has done him no favours in my book, except to wonder anew about the welcomed ignorance of the general public as to what constitutes an entire genre. Anyway I digress.

ABC have teamed up with Warner Bros. and ‘friends’ creator Marta Kauffman to bring The Time Travellers Wife to TV.  The HUH? facor then revolves completely around the timing.  If the film does well, the series may do well, if it doesn’t, the studio has an uphill battle. 

Apparently though, ABC have talking to Kauffman about this project for “years”, as the execs believe that the complex plot of the novel will work well in series form allowing Kauffman to  to explore the romantic relationship at the core of the story over the course of several seasons.

Despite loving the book immensely, I’m not sure how many seasons the story could sustain.

Lovers of the show Journeyman will not have missed the incredible similarities between plotlines and will perhaps be wondering why such a quality show was cancelled if the execs think there is room for the Time Travellers Wife.  As I keep saying Time Travelers Wife is an incredible and ingeniously plotted story but Journeymans slightly more action orientated stories  lends itself  more to a TV audience I believe.

Still as with all these things, time will tell

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