Timecop gets a reboot!

Universal will be making a reboot of the 1994 Jean-Claude Van Damme Timecop Movie. erm…. COOL!! I absolutely LOVE Timecop (not the sequel!), it’s my 4th favourite time travel movie behind BTTF. Word is the studio has been working on the flick for 4 years but it is now finally moving forward!

Unfortunitly JCVD will not be asked to return, i guess that’s what happens when you turn down Sly Stallone!

Anyone that hasn’t seen the original please rent it or buy it or steal it! it’s a good 90’s action flick (yes good 90’s action flicks do exist)

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  1. I love Timecop. I’m a JCVD fan, and I think it’s one of his best. Who the hell could fill Jean Claude’s shoes?

    I also liked the most recent Universal Soldier! I mean, really liked it. JCVD’s a bit old, but he still kicks butt!

    • matt pease /

      Who could replace JCVD? i’d like to see Jason Statham, Karl Urban or if you want to go a completely different direction Orlando Bloom

  2. Jason Statham and Karl Urban already have their own careers. Orlando Bloom? He’s like, what, 5’1″? Besides being a badass elf, he doesn’t move me as an action hero. Nah, it would probably be some MMA dude they get.

    • matt pease /

      yeah but if they didn’t go the hard man action route and instead went the rookie time cop route!

  3. If you can’t split kick, I don’t want you as my Timecop 😉

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