Titan Comics Pick Up Doctor Who License

It’s just been announced today that Titan Comics have been given the licence to produce Doctor Who comics after IDW‘s run recently came to an end. 

What’s most interesting for me is that the company is not being limited to producing “current Doctor” stories. The press release I read indicates that the company will publish standalone stories featuring the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors, with the Twelfth following along after the new season of the television series begins to be aired.

Interestingly, there’s no mention of the Ninth Doctor (I wonder if there are issues around getting Christopher Eccleston’s likeness)? or of the other Doctors. Personally I’d love to see a series of Eighth Doctor adventures. So if you’re reading, Titan, you have at least one reader here!

As yet there is no news of any creative teams, but the company has stated that they will be publishing comics during 2014.

Source: Titan Comics Press Release
Reporter: WedgeDoc

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