Top Cow’s The Best of Michael Turner Comic Review

What’s It About?

In my opinion, on June 27th 2008 the Comics industry lost one of it’s bravest and finest talents. Michael Turner passed on from this world having lost his long battle with Cancer. This compilation was produced back in 2005 after he had set up his own company to produce the kind of comics he wanted to write and draw. The volume contains 9 issues of his work for Top Cow followed by a small art gallery. The comics collected are from Witchblade and the crossovers with Tomb Raider.

Review It

It goes with out saying that the artwork throughout this volume is simply outstanding. Every detail leaps from the page and the inkers (D-Tron and Joe Weems V) and colourist (Jonathan D Smith throughout) really help to lift Turner’s pencils even further. Dennis Heisler’s lettering is also clear throughout and does not distract from the art or story in any way.

The volume served as my introduction to the Witchblade series and prompted me to purchase the first 50 issue compendium. I’m not usually an instant fan of demon related stuff so it should be obvious that I rate the plots of the issues contained here rather highly.

I genuinely wanted to know more about the world of the Witchblade. The main downside is that you don’t get anything approaching a complete arc here – it’s dip in and out time chaps and chapesses.

Rate It: 3.5/5. 5/5. The former score is for the compilation as a collection of stories, the latter as a showcase of early Turner art. Michael Turner was my favourite artist and one of the inspirations for my own renewed interest in sketching back in 2004. I can’t fault this book as a showcase.

Dry Slaps: 0. I may be biased.

GS Reviewer: WedgeDoc

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