Torchwood Miracle Day Cast Q

Greetings all Montoya here

So it has been spreading through the internet like wildfire that Star Trek The Next Generation star John de Lancie has been cast in the new series of Torchwood.

John de Lancie played the part of Q which was by far one of the best things about TNG. Now I love the fact that he has been cast in Torchwood but please My Russel T Davies for the love of all things Geeky do not waste this casting gold dust. I mean can you imaging anything more perfect that Captain Jack meeting a version of Q. Sparks will fly (I hope).

Captain Jack “Hey tall dark and handsome you fancy a drink”

Q “Hey yourself. I do like Captain’s. Are you ready for the time of  your life”

CJ “Well I cannot die so this should be fun”

Q “I cannot die either sit it will be amazing”

SOURCE: Doctor Who News Page

GS Reporter: Montoya

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