Torchwood Season 3 news

I just picked up some info on Torchwood season three over at the sci-fi wire. According to them the new season will be subtitled Children of Earth. When I heard that subtitle something kept going round in my head, telling me this sounded familiar, and the it hit me. In the last season of Doctor Who Davros kept using the phrase the ‘Children of TIme’ to refer to the Doctor’s companions. Coincidence or something more? I guess we’ll have to wait until the new season starts up in 2009.

The interesting thing about this series is that it will be a five -part miniseries. I’m not sure how well this will be received by it’s fans but I like the idea of a single five episode story arc. I think it gives the writers a good chance for some real Character development and a shed load of plot twists ( I hope).

After a fantastic second season which was a real rising from the ashes of the, below par, first season I’m really excited about this new season.

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