Trade-in Comparison Site Launches in the UK

logoTradeInWe tend to trade in games quite often in our house and we’ve tended to use Amazon mainly for convenience but I have often wondered if it is the best price. The trouble is trawling through all the other sites where you can compare everything from car insurance to groceries but the one thing we have lacked is a comparison site for trading in computer game, until now!

This is where two ex-Game execs come in, they have created Trade In Detectives a website which compares many websites and displays the cash and trade in prices of your selected game.

I tested the site out and was impressed with the overall look and accuracy of the site. I was a bit miffed that I had to create an account to see all the prices available but it was as simple as the basic, name, date of birth and email address.  I tried it out on six different games ranging from some really old and obscure games to the big new heavy hitters.  It found the game every time and I got a price for at least half of the sites listed. I checked these prices against the sites and they were accurate.

At the moment I feel the best use of this site is to use to provide the price for price matching which stores offer this service.  A future improvement I would like to see is the ability to compare more than one games (a basket of games) so you can see what would give you the best overall deal, to save on posting.

I will be using this site in the future, if only to see if it is worth trading in a game.

Reporter: Amy
Source: Eurogamer and Trade In Detectives

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