TRAILER: Arizona Sunshine VR Game

There is a new virtual reality headset you may not have heard of. It’s called the Vive by HTC. The Vive is gear made in conjunction with Valve’s online game store, Steam. With the development teams of Vertigo Games and Jaywalker interactive, they are working together to bring to us a VR game called Arizona Sunshine.

There’s not much to go by with just a teaser trailer. The game looks fine, from the character model to the environment, to the zombie, but we don’t learn a whole lot more. What I did notice is that the character takes a look at the ammunition available before picking up a clip and reloading. So what I’m led to believe is that, rather than being a cut scene, that look to the ammunition and the gathering of a clip is all user-controlled, thanks to the Vive VR. That brings something new to gaming that we only get to see in cut scenes. Virtual reality may allow us to be more involved in the actions of our avatar, but just how much control will we have of the character remains to be seen.

On the game’s Steam page, there is full controller support, but is this an on-rails shooter? Not that a game where some  control is limited is unfavorable, but I think that I need a longer trailer to see where your character is able to roam, or if the character just stands still, moving his head and hands about the area. I’ll keep an eye out, if you want to as well, they are on Steam now, with no announced release date.

GS Blogger: Vichus Smith

Source: Vertigo Games and Jaywalker Interactive

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