Trailer For New British Sci-Fi Film Outpost 11

Three men, one outpost in the Arctic Circle and arctic spiders…this is never going to end well.

Set in an alternative past where steam power still rules the world, Outpost 11 is the story of three soldiers manning a remote listening post in the Arctic Circle. One day the warning light goes off unexpectedly and their world is plunged in to chaos. Albert, Mason and Graham must fight the isolation, madness and arctic spiders to survive. Think ‘The Thing’ plus ‘How I Ended this Summer’ mixed with ‘Videodrome.’

As someone who has a completely rational and justifiable hatred of all thing spidery I did watch the trailer for upcoming indie sci-fi flick Outpost 11, with my pointer hovered over the stop button. Thankfully you don’t see any critters in the trailer which left me with a dilema. The trailer looked pretty good with some nice production vaules, cool sounding premise and a pretty tense set up. My problem is can I face watchinng a film with arctic spiders…and just what the hell does an artic spider look like dammit??!!

I may not sleep tonight…or ever again for that matter.

Lack of sleep aside big props to the team behind the film who, like so many indie creators out there, will always fight tooth and nail to get their projects out there.

Our director is Anthony Woodley who earlier this year won the Royal Television Society award for best Drama, and one of our executive producers runs a very well respected company called ‘Aces High’, that has aerial co-ordinated the last five James Bond Movies, Inception, Captain America and many other high calibre features, which may also be a separate interest to you.

This is our first feature film and have raised all capital ourselves which is all in place. Our team is very young and we believe consists of some of the best talent currently at this level in British independent film. We pride ourselves on our unique approach to film making, can-do attitude and resourcefulness. An example of this is that we have pulled in favors from a number of companies and productions including the new Brad Pitt film ‘World War Z’ and prop masters ‘Men at Work’. – James Littlewood, Producer
The film also boasts Bernard Hill who starred in Lord of the Ringsas as King Theoden and will soon be seen in the second season of Game of Thrones.
Check out some production stills from the film.

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  1. Just a couple of small corrections – Anthony Won the Southern Royal Television Society award for best student drama and was short listed for the nationals. Our cinematographer Stefan Mitchell won the nationals and the regional for the documentary he shot Britons young soldiers.

    • geeksyndicate /

      Apologies Anthony that was the information we were sent via email

  2. Jerry /

    I’ve heard a lot of buzz about this film. A true original! I have arachnophobia myself but we’ll see!

    • geeksyndicate /

      I share your spider pain Jerry…fingers crossed Artic Spider are slang for snow puppies or something. Somehow though I doubt it 🙁

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