Trailer for Nights at the Round Table Webseries

nightsoftheroundtableThis message goes out to all the table top gamers out there…Nights at the Round Table a new UK comedy webseries is coming.

I’ve not had a good D & D session since well I was a kid and there are times I definitely miss expressing my inner, two axe wielding, drawf Noubo the Terrible from the ice mines of Kimeria.

Nights at the Round Table, which is set to launch its first episode at 7pm GMT on June 13th, is set around a mismatched set of  table top gamers Max, Millie, Sam and Harmony and their quest to find a fifth player for their gaming sessions. Now I wasn’t sure when I first saw the image that went along with the trailer if this was going to be my thing but I really enjoyed the trailer (guys you had me at the bacon line) and it definately gave me enough to want to check out more. Besides any company that calls itself Red Shirt Films definately has it’s geek heart in the right place in my book. Have a watch of the trailer and let us know in the comments what you thought.

You can find out more about the series at the website.

Right now I’m back off to the ice mines of Kimeria to well… mine ice I guess.  In case your wondering I have no idea how you mine ice in the ice mines of Kimeria ask Noubo.

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  1. Mark /

    Not funny..
    obscenely bad takes on 80’s and 90’s Gamer stereotypes.
    please don’t make this
    Please stop and consider the hobby being dragged back two decades by this…
    I had hoped we moved on from the gamer in the basement… but know here’s the dead trope dragged back for us all to be hit by again…YAY!

    Utter BS
    I would not mind if they were the first guys to do this tabletop rpg web show but they have to me the 40th and not a good one
    why give them any publicity at all


    • Jamie /

      Just to say… This series was scripted with gamers on board as advisors, and it’s very respectful of the world it’s set in.

      Give it a chance, it might just surprise you!

      • Mark /

        Would you be Jamie McKeller the writer & director of this thing?
        If you are… it may be good but the trailer did nothing but raise hackles…

    • Jack /

      I think it looks great, and am looking forwards to watching the first episode. As for your weirdly angry comments…

      “obscenely bad takes on 80′s and 90′s Gamer stereotypes.” – Really? I don’t see any large beards, and the table seems balanced in terms of gender…

      “please don’t make this” – I think you might be a bit too late if they’ve announced episode 1.

      “the 40th and not a good one” – Name 5 tabletop gaming romcoms. With links.

      “why give them any publicity at all” – Because they’ve obviously put work in and GS recognises it.

      I normally avoid commenting on the Internet, but your oddly passionate remarks made my fingers tingle.

      • Mark /

        the gamer living at home with mum is the 80′s and 90′s Gamer stereotype… I mainly was annoyed with.
        mixed groups have been incresingly the norm since Vtm hit in 93.

        Name 5 tabletop gaming romcoms- easy wait what… It’s a romcom???

  2. Mark /

    In fact if your looking for player you post on-line on or on ukroleplayers or one of 100s other site for each game…
    The whole concept of the show is invalid and has been for over a decade

    • Oh, it’s not actually finding a player that they have trouble with, it’s finding the RIGHT player. I’m sure you’ll agree that finding someone to fit into an existing group of players can be somewhat tricky, even with the benefits of modern technology!

      • Mark /

        In real life you email back and forth to get feel for the person and to let them get a feel for you and the group…

        I have gamed in london with over 150 gamers in the last ten years and have met 3 that I consider to be just horid.

    • Mark, your point is invalid. What if the girl in the horror movie didn’t go into the basement? What if the scientists followed procedure and burned the weird eggs. Movies would be really short and a lot less fun.

      • Mark /

        Dear hankreilly

        Yes youd have to put more effort into coming up with new and fresh thing to write about.
        I know a socking concept writing that does not rely on lazy tropes.

        That may be more fun… to be astonished by new things .

      • Precisely. In this situation the stereotyped story would apparently be ‘Gaming group seeks 5th person to join them. They go online, find one, exchange a few emails, decide the person isn’t mental, meet up, the person is nice, they game… happily ever after. The end.’ What a thrill-ride that would be!

        OR… what if they didn’t do that? What if, instead of being a kitchen sink drama that leaves everyone going “well yes, that was very true to life. What was the point of me watching it, by the way?” it was a COMEDY. Where extremely silly things happen?

        Please relax, Mark – I’m concerned about your blood pressure. Don’t worry, your world’s not going to crumble because of a webseries that doesn’t perfectly mirror your life. Everlasting night won’t cast its deathly shadow on the earth… the skies won’t fall… people aren’t going to chase you down the road with burning torches while yelling “GEEEEEK!” and force you to go and live back with your parents just so you conform with what they’ve seen on their computer screens.

        Everything’s going to be just fiiiiiiine.

        (On a different note, I’m not sure what things are like where you are but there’s a crazy recession going on here at the moment and I know plenty of people in their late 20s and 30s, gamers or not, who’ve had to move back in with their parents. It’s not a gamer stereotype any more – it’s just life. If you aren’t in that situation then crack open a cold one and count yourself extremely lucky!)

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