Trailer for ‘Superman Unbound’ is All Brainiac and Brawn

I have a confession to make as a Marvel boy. I like the DC animated movies better than the Marvel ones and the reason is simple. The stories are great and the cast are always perfect. Feast your eyes on the newest title Superman Unbound where he faces a threat from Brainiac.

Yes I know that Marvel have done some decent animated movies but DC Warners have been kicking their behinds for the last 10 years and from the looks of this trailer they are going to do it again. The story is based on a revamped origin story of Brainiac in Action Comics by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank.

I have not read the comics but looking at this trailer it looks like I am missing out. The cast includes Matt Bomer, John Noble, Stana Katic and Molly Quinn playing Superman, Brainiac, Louis Lane and Supergirl respectively.

Take a peak and let us know what you think.


Source: CBR
Reporter: Montoya

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