TRAILER – Minister of Chance Episode 3

The Minster of  Chance teases us with a brilliant trailer for its upcoming third episode. It’s all kicking off now and the Horseman is coming…

I’ve already listened to the first two episodes of the The Minster of Chance audio drama and loved them. Among the esteemed voice actors lurks a who’s who of sci-fi and fantasy alumni, including Jenny Agutter,  Paul Darrow, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann and more.

For a while, after hearing ep 1 and 2, I was worried that due to lack of funding the creative team wouldn’t be able to produce a third episode.  I was happy to be proven wrong as this trailer for the first episode dropped into the GS inbox yesterday and it sounds fantastic. I’m now counting the days until I get to listen to the full episode.

Have a listen to trailer  for yourself then check out the all new website where you can download for free episodes 1 and 2.


Listen online:

The guys have also uploaded the nine minute prologue for the series (don’t think I’ve heard that yet so need to get on that) and iTunes Europe have just selected it as their ‘Episode of the Week’.

If you’re a fan audio dramas and sci-f/fantasy you need to check the Minister of Chance out, before the Horseman find you (that will make sense once you listen).

Source: Minister of Chance
GS Reporter: Nuge

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