TRAILER: The Sweeney

 The UKs’s classic cop show The Sweeney is now getting the reboot treatment with Ray Winstone stepping into the shoes of John Thaw as DI Regan head of the ‘The Sweeney Todd’ Flying squad (little bit of Cockney rhyming slang for a wednesday morning). Check out the first trailer after the cut.

If it wasn’t for the fact this has got Ray Winstone as Regan I wouldn’t have thought much of this first look at a reboot of one of my favourite shows that I used to sneak downstairs to watch as a kid. However it does have Ray Winstone, he is a bad ass in this trailer and he does deliver one of Regan’s epic catch phrases and yes I am that easily won over by stuff like that. Whether I’ll go to the cinema and see this is one thing but I’ll definitely be having a few mates round to watch the eventual DVD release.

Hmm maybe just one little trip to cinema to watch the sweeney take down a few blaggers…shut it sunshine yer nicked!

Source:Den of Geek
GS Reporter: Nuge

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