Transformers 3 Suffers Another Car Accident

This week on the Washington DC set of Transformers 3 The Chevrolet Camaro which is Bumblebee and a police SUV had a pretty bad smash! The roads were closed for the shoot but the Police were responding to a Bomb Threat and took the quickest route to their destination which just happened to go right through the set. The police Officer was taken to hospital with minor injuries so the only damage is the lose of the Camaro.

This isn’t the first accident that has happened whilst filming Transformers 3, a few months back a Woman was injured when a cable snapped during a stunt and sliced into her head, 20th Centuary Fox did everything they could to play down that incident saying it was blown way out of all proportion. They are obviusly still touchy over the incident as they quickly covered the damaged Camaro to keep it out of the sight of the public/media.

Watch the Video Below,

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