Transformers: The Ride 3D at Universal Studios – Simply AWESOME!

I’m over in LA on holiday and took a trip to Universal Studios Theme Park. The park has just opened last month, their latest and according to Universal Studios, greatest ride called Transformers: The Ride 3D. Its a The 3D motion ride that puts you in the heart of the fight against the Decepticons and man what a ride it is.


On arrival to Universal Studios I made a beeline straight to this ride being only a month old and also the trailer for it below looked awesome. Luckily have got their early on a weekday the queues were not that bad. While queuing, video screen play an intro to the ride with riders being treated as new recruits to the fight and being given instructions on what they need to do and how to prepare. I was told from the video I’ll be riding with a new Autobot which is basically the ride carriage as below then you collect your 3D glasses and strap in.


The ride is a full motion ride that include 4D elements. During explosions you will feel heat coming from the side of the explosion. You  feel the spray of water and air based on the action. The ride takes you through the heart of a battle between the Autobots and Decepticons similar to the major end sequence from the 3rd Transformers film.

While the battle happens and the ride progresses you are attacked by several Decepticons including Megatron, Starscream and Devastator, while being supported or rescued be Optimus Prime, Bubblebee and Sideswipe with such realistic in your face 3D its at times hard to believe the Transformers aren’t actually right there in front of you.  (It needs to be experienced to be believed) If one day the cinema or gaming experience is like this then man we are all in for a ride.

Without doubt this is the best ride of its type I have been on, and including the Terminator 2 3D, King Kong 360 3D, Marvel 4D experience at  Madame Tussaud , London, and a 4D experience I went on at 6 Flags New Jersey years ago, I’ve got a solid base of comparison rides and experiences. The King Kong 360 3D ride also at the park I highly recommend and would be second on my list. It’s hard to compare these 3D/4D rides and experiences to a standard roller-coaster such as Saw at Thorpe Park my current king of roller coaster rides but without doubt Transformers The Ride 3D will leave you amazed, excited, pump and wanting more. If you were disappointed by the last couple of Transformers films then be reassured by the fact that due to those films we now have this ride…then they were worth it. Saying that its still pretty damning that this 5 minutes rides was more exciting, fun and satisfying than the 5-6 hours of the last 2 transformers films.

Rating: 5 out of 5











Source: Universal Studios

Reporter: Soulfinger

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