True Blood Season 1 Episode 4 – She’s Not There


At the end of season 3 of True Blood, Sookie was transported to a mystical world where her fairy godmother, Claudine, told her that she is a fairy. Nothing is ever boring for old Sook, is it? We rejoin Sookie where we left off. She has just entered this world, and immediately things go wrong for her. When she returns home – after only a few minutes – a year has passed and the people around her have changed.

Jason is a cop and when he is not trying to keep Andy Bellefleur’s V habit in check, he is looking after the weres in Hotshot. They mustn’t like him though; they lock him into a massive freezer… It’s turned off, but still. Tara has decamped to New Orleans, become a cage fighter, changed her name to Toni and is dating a girl. Seems her experiences with Franklin caused her to switch teams. She is still angry and sassy though, so there’s that. Lafayette is still with Jesus, who is trying to force him to join a magic cult, led by a very creepy Fiona Shaw.

Bill gave up on Sookie and is now dating Portia Bellefleur and getting involved in politics. There is also a hint that he is King of Louisiana. Wouldn’t that be interesting? Arlene and Terry are dealing with Renee’s baby – doesn’t help that they think the child is evil, Hoyt and Jessica are still together and Sam is still prickly and gruff. Eric is the only one who did not give up on Sookie being alive. In fact, in a rather eerie move, he bought her house from Jason in the hope that if he owned the house he would own her.

Phew! Quite a people and action packed first episode of True Blood. No major story line has emerged yet, as such, but it is a sure bet that the fairies are going to be trouble, as are the weres in Hotshot. There are a lot of characters to catch up with, now that we have got into the fourth season of the show, so while we learned some new information this week, it was more about catching up with where everyone has gone.

We should not despair yet though. True Blood has fantastic writers who have a knack of pulling all the threads of a story together, so sit tight and wait for the threads to emerge. They are there, we just haven’t noticed them yet.

Welcome back, True Blood! If this season is half as good as the ones that have gone before it, we are in for a treat.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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