True Blood Season 3 Episode 8 – Night on the Sun

In the latest episode of True Blood, some of the smaller storylines are wrapped up, and others are introduced. Sookie finally tires of the danger that surrounds her when Bill is present, and breaks up with him. That doesn’t stop her running back into his arms though, as soon as danger strikes.

Sophie Anne is forcibly moved in with Russell, her new husband, and Eric – still working his own agenda under the King’s roof – uses Hadley to deliver a message of warning to her cousin Sookie. Eric then takes his revenge for Russell killing his family more than a thousand years ago by killing his partner, Talbot.

Lafayette reconciles with Jésus when Ruby escapes the hospital and Jésus comes to take her back. Meanwhile, Tara is dreaming of Franklyn her dead vampire lover and Crystal comes to Jason looking for his help.

As well as this, Sam is having a hard time keeping Tommy under control, Arlene is haunted by Renée, the father of her unborn baby, Jessica gets training from Bill on how to defend herself and a new waitress is hired at Merlotte’s.

After the frantic episode that preceded this, it is nice to see True Blood slow down and take a breath for a moment. There are a couple of storylines – such as Eric’s search for revenge over the death of his family – that were well overdue to be resolved, and thankfully, that is what this episode does. Also, with the introduction of Holly – the new waitress at Merlotte’s – and Sookie’s final warning to werewolf Debbie Pelt, there are new stories set up for the next season.

Thankfully, at the beginning of the episode, Sookie realises that her relationship with Bill is doing her no good, and breaks up with him. She is more logical than the protagonist of a certain other vampire series, and it is this that sets the character apart from other, weaker lead characters in other franchises.

While this episode was slower paced than the previous one, there was still loads going on especially with the less than central characters, which is sure to lead to a fantastic finale of this season, and get the ball rolling for the season to come.

True Blood continues to deliver, and continues to keep audiences – even those who are familiar with the books – guessing.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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