True Blood Season 4 Episode 2 – You Smell Like Dinner

After the slightly messy first episode, True Blood is quickly settling back into it’s rhythm. Phew!

Jason is still held hostage in Hotshot, and we learn that Crystal and her family have some rather sinister plans for Jason and the future of the were-panther pack. Poor old Jason has rotten taste in women and Crystal is no better than the manipulative, cruel girls that he has been with in the past.

A deal struck with the American Vampire League a long time ago – and the assassination of Sophie-Anne – led to Bill being made King of Louisiana. Shame to see Sophie-Anne go, she was a great character played with great relish by Evan Rachel Wood, but it makes way for a development that is not going to be comfortable for anyone. We also find out a little bit of background information about Bill and learn that this new cold, callous character is not how he has always been.

Sam is making friends with the shifters, and there is even a romance blossoming there – doesn’t he learn? – and Tommy wants them to be ‘brothers’ again. While Sam is still prickly with Sookie for disappearing, he is slightly softer with his brother, and that old Sam charm shines through again. Can’t help thinking that all of this is going to end in tears though. 

Eric and Sookie are still at loggerheads. Eric is sent to shut down the coven of witches that Lafayette has (reluctantly) joined. Sookie is less than impressed that he has all but moved into her house, so she goes to Fangtasia to confront him. While there she meets Jessica who, after a fight with Hoyt, is eating fangbangers in the bathroom. Naughty Jessica!

When Eric doesn’t return to the club, Sookie heads for home but meets a very confused and disorientated Eric along the way, who appears to have no memory of her…

A great episode of True Blood, the pace has slowed a lot from last week, and we actually get to see characters on screen more than once. There are a lot of small storylines growing up – as we have become used to with True Blood – and these are taking shape nicely. The main story has suddenly been revealed; the conflict between the vampires and the witches and Sookie’s sudden new relationship with Eric. The one thing that is slightly perplexing is Sookie’s passive acceptance of her ‘time travel’ and the death of her grandfather. Sookie has had her fair share of things to deal with, but she does get upset or angry about them. This time she appears to be more angry about the fact that Eric bought her house. This is not over and may yet be resolved however, since Sookie is now having ‘hallucinations’ of the fairy world.

The book that this season of True Blood is based around is one of the strongest of the series, as well as being a lot of fun, so it will be interesting to see how Sookie deals with the newly agenda free Eric, as well as the witches who now know they can control the dead – vampires included. Casting Fiona Shaw as the head witch was a stroke of genius. The final confrontation is going to be spectacular, but until then, we can sit back and enjoy the ride.

It’s shaping up to be a great season of True Blood!

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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