Tudors Star to Play Dracula in New Show

Vampires are cool, yes we know, actually I think the last cool vampire was Angel but that is just me. Forget all those shiny new vamps out there, this time we are getting a 10 part series based around the original vamp himself Dracula and learn who is going to play him.

The Tudor’s made an even bigger star out of Jonathan Rhys-Meyers who played Henry VIII and showed off his acting chops. But now there is a role that he can really get his teeth stuck into.

NBCUniversal and Sky Living’s have joined together for the new 10 part series which will focus on Dracula arriving on UK shores and heading to London in the late 1800’s. He will pretend to be an american who wants to bring Victorian England into the new century with new technology. All of this is just a cover as he plans to seek revenge on his enemies.

The series has been written by Cole Haddon who wrote the comic book The Strange Case of Mr Hyde which for me was excellent. The show will start production later this year.

Source: Den of Geek
Reporter: Montoya

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