Misfits is Back for Series 5

MisfitsAfter Being Human’s cancellation, this is a real surprise!

In a complete about-turn, E4 confirmed Howard Overman’s outrageous & funny superhero drama Misfits will return for series 5, at a press event that was attended by Geek Syndicate. No story details have been confirmed but given the 100% staff turnover in season 4, i’s safe to assume that Rudy (Joe Gilgun), Jess (Karla Crome), Finn (Nathan McMullen), Abbey (Natasha O’Keeffe), and Alex (Matt Stokoe) will return for more improbable antics. Fans have struggled to accept a complete change of cast, despite some good chemistry between between Rudy, Finn and real newbie Abbey.

Misfits creator Howard Overman had previously said revealed that he is working  a movie version that could potentially bring back old character: “If it happens, it will involve past and present characters,” he revealed in  November. “Whether or not you’ve completely seen the end of Simon (Iwan Rheon)  and Alisha (Antonia Thomas) if our movie has its way, is another issue.”

I think I’m looking forward to that more than season 5…

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