No Nightwing in Arrow (for Now)

arrow-tvSorry no Bat-Family… Shame 🙁

So, not only will Batman not get a mention, much less a cameo, but it appears it looks like the same attitude will extend to anyone else in the Bat-alumni. Arrow executive producer Andrew Kreisberg stated that whilst Dick Grayson, the original Robin who later became solo vigilante Nightwing, would be his “dream cameo”… it isn’t likely to happen.

“Dick Grayson and Nightwing were always my favourite,” said Kreisber recently. “I doubt we’ll ever get to that point. The Bat-universe will never coincide with ours, but Nightwing would be my fantasy. We don’t ever want Oliver Queen to not be the star of his own show, so what you’ll be seeing are more of the villains and secondary characters.”

Personally speaking that’s a real shame. I can understand not wanting The Bat to over-shadow GA, as he most assuredly would, but featuring other heroes without compromising the ‘real world’ feel of the show is a tough call. Most of the other key heroes are super-power endowed, and so you would risk changing the look & feel of the show to say, Smallville. But Nightwing / Dick Grayson is “just a man”, like Oliver Queen, and steeped in superhero lore and pedigree, he would be the perfect cameo as a fair portion of the viewing audience may well not even know who he is – they needn’t even mention Robin by name if they didn’t want to risk putting the show in “the Shadow of the Bat”.

Anybody want to start an internet petition? Let’s just hope they don’t invite Birds of Prey… that would just be a ratings killer!

Arrow Season 2 is expected to return this year on Sky 1.

Source: Comic Book Resources
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