TV Overload – Can You Have Too Much of a Good Thing?

With so many amazing sci-fi and fantasy shows being produced across the world, it’s nigh on impossible to watch EVERY show when it’s broadcast, from it’s very first to the very last episode.  So thank goodness for the new technology that allows us to watch shows where we want and when we want.  It allows us to discover shows that we missed the first time around and find out what all the fuss about.  That’s a good thing…right?
Watching shows conventionally, one episode per week, having to wait months in between seasons means that you love the show just as much but you are not immersed in it.  Watching any show in a ‘marathon’ whether it’s seven seasons of Buffy or five seasons of Breaking Bad means that it becomes part of your daily life.  You crave another episode and you know it’s there at the touch of a button.  Friends invite you out for dinner but you make up excuses just so you can go home to your better half (by which I mean the TV).  Midnight strikes and you think ‘just one more episode’.
My question is, is it better to have found, loved and lost than to have never found at all?
Case in point, my husband and I recently discovered Chuck on Netflix.  I had heard about the show but had missed it when it was first shown in 2007. Here is was in all it’s five season glory, just begging to be watched.  It seemed like the perfect time to see if the show was as fun as I’d heard it was.
Cue two months later and I am in mourning.  After watching the final episode of the fifth season I feel bereft.  Watching all 91 episodes in the space of 2 months, we had become firmly ensconced in Chucks world.  In the Buy More, in the spies, in the romance between Chuck and Sarah.  And now it was over, there was nothing left.
It was hard to connect with other fans during our marathons as spoilers were always an issue.  We couldn’t take part in the Subway campaign (where fans had purchased subway sandwiches en masse in an attempt to save the show after season two) as the time had passed.  There was no interviews with the cast in between seasons in our favourite magazines as it was old news.  So now I have all this fandom ready to explode from me and no where to aim it at.
Which brings me back to my question.  Would it have been better to have never found the show, let it take over my life and then be heartbroken when it ended?  Or is my life the better for having found it regardless of the timeframe?
In this age of having all of these amazing shows at our fingertips, is it better to binge on one or watch numerous shows at the same time?    Personally, I love to know that there is another episode waiting for me once I finish the one I’m watching but I worry that it makes a greedy.  When I do watch the shows in ‘real time’ I get annoyed that I have to wait SEVEN WHOLE DAYS for the next.
What do you think?  Are some shows worth the wait?  Or should we immerse ourselves in whatever new show has tickled our fancy on Netflix?

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