TV REVIEW: Being Human Season 4 Episode 6 – Puppy Love

Allison and TomAnnie accidentally kills the next door neighbour, another werewolf finds Tom which leads to Hal’s first date in over 50 years. Another episode looking at love for the Being Human gang.

Puppy Love, by John Jackson, starts with Tom and Hal’s friendship reaching a new level of trust with Hal asking Tom to take Leo’s place with keeping him on the straight and blood-less narrow.  They are interrupted by a werewolf, Allison, lurking around the outside.

Back at Honolulu Heights Allison explains to the trio about how she found Tom and shows them the YouTube video of Tom and George changing which now seems to have gone viral.  It’s interesting here to see just how out of touch with the world they are.  Allison rightly assumes that vampires are responsible the sudden surge in werewolf speculation and tries to convince Hal to go undercover.  However he declines and returns to the cafe instead. He meets Alex, a human, who is clearly interested in him, even going as far as explaining the offside rule to impress him, which it doesn’t.

Meanwhile Cutler gets three unwanted guests in the form of Golda, a power hungry career vampire, played by Amanda Abbington and her two sidekicks. One,  Kane, being a vampire who’s just seen one to many action films which provides some more comedy in already funny episode. Golda clearly has her own plans on what the Old Ones will want and expect when they arrive which seems to contradict Cutler’s plans.

The final storyline is Annie’s where she accidentally kills her cantankerousness next door neighbour and then spends the rest of the episode trying to get him to pass over. I felt this was just shoe-horned in to give Annie something to do and to chuck cryptic clues at the audience.

Anyway Tom, Hal, Alex and Allison go on a double date to the National Museum of Wales, one of hundreds of places Allison can get in free to with her Blue Peter badge.  Naturally it doesn’t go well, Hal is so out of touch he spends most of his time chatting with Tom.  However Tom and Allison just go from strength to strength which ultimately leads to some great acting by Michael Socha and some funny but slightly disturbing suggestions.

Overall I felt this was yet another filler episode, be it with a funny script and more interesting characters but still only hints at getting to the point.  It’s safe to say I am still waiting for the pay off and Cutler in my mind is being wasted in too many episodes.

Quote of the Week:
Allison: There’s a Facebook group trying to hunt us down.
Tom: Facebook?
Allison: Don’t tell me you’re still on MySpace.
Hal: We’re more Ceefax people.

GS Reviewer: Amy

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