TV REVIEW: Being Human Season 4 Episode 7 – Making History

Cutler and HalCulter takes Tom under his wing, Annie heads to purgatory and Hal’s dark past begins to catch up with him, finally we are cooking on gas with this penultimate episode.

Making History, written series creator Toby Whithouse, starts with a flashback to 1950 when Culter first becomes a vampire, at Hal’s fangs. From the get go of this episode it is clear that it is going to be a dark one as it starts with Hal returning to Cutler.  Who tempts him with blood. We also get to hear Cutler’s plan but it seems he’s only hoping to impress the old ones but also Hal.  Through a series  flashbacks we see that Cutler wasn’t a ruthless killer vampire, in fact he struggled to kill at all. It’s only when Hal pushes him over the edge does he become the man we see in the present day. Now Hal is the one craving blood and unable to kill and Cutler sees this parallel.

The whole flashback story is echoed through Cutler’s treatment of Hal, trying to push him back into his old ways.  I really loved this story line and it finally gave me the character development I was waiting for with both Hal and Cutler.

Meanwhile Annie is away in purgatory with future Eve’s past (if that makes sense).  They go to three now empty locations and we get to hear the fate of Annie, Tom and Hal.  Which is very dark and gruesome but needed to highlight to Annie the choice she has to make.  Though I loved the concept of what would happen if vampires took over the world, I would have liked to see more of the world rather than just empty sets.

The whole episode comes to a head with  Tom nearly killing a nightclub full of people, Hal falling back into blood addiction and Annie finally realising she has to kill the one human she loves or destroy humanity. Alex, the date for Hal from Puppy Love, is also back and seems to becoming one of the regulars.

This week it’s Tom’s turn to be the background plot device and he really is just treated like a wolf-shaped bullet.  I feel like this series it has struggled to make all three characters relevant in the same episode.  I loved Damien Molony’s portrayal of an addict, clearly a lot of research went into the role and his acting was second to none.

Overall this was the best episode in weeks and it sets everything up nicely for the final episode. I’m just disappointed that so much time has been spent shuffling around.

Quote of the Week: Alex “It really doesn’t matter how nice they look, it’s only their fingerprints that tell them apart”

GS Reviewer: Amy

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