TV REVIEW: Black Mirror – The National Anthem (Spoiler Free)

This show will amuse you, entertain you, challenge you and shock you into thinking who you are and who we all are as a society. Also your jaw will drop if you dare watch till the end!

I was unsure which way this series was going to go but after seeing episode 1 I was completely sold on the premise and the message.

Charlie Brooker had an idea about a show that looked at how technology has created a society culture that is not always a good thing. Charlie is not against technology but rather he sees it as an opportunity to tell some funny, dark and disturbing stories.

In this episode we find a young princess from our royal family kidnapped and the Prime Minster has to face a moral dilemma that will shake both him and the nation to its core. The kidnappers have posted a demand on national TV and the clock is now ticking down or the consequences for the princess will be severe.

The cast is lead by Rory Kinnear who plays Prime Minster Michael Callow in what is the most challenging role I have seen on TV. Kudos to Kinnear for his “performance” in this. Tom Goodman is Tom Blice the PM’s right hand man who is the straight talking aid. Also on hand are the 2 veterans Lindsay Duncan and Donald Sumpter who help the PM make some hard decisions.

The episode also highlights how social media has taken over almost every facet of our lives with the use of Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and the internet in general being used to great effect to push the story. The strangest thing about this show is that you could actually see this happening one day and that would be scary.

Excellently written by Brooker and directed by Otto Bathurts, this is a gutsy and ballsy piece of televisions that you do not want to miss.

Channel 4 Sunday 4th December 9pm

GS Rating 5/5

SOURCE: Channel 4

GS Reporter: Montoya

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