TV REVIEW: Castle – Season 5, Episode 14 ‘Reality Star Struck’

The big point of interest in this weeks Castle is the fact that Firefly alum, Gina Torres, makes an appearance as a spoiled fashionista reality star.  This isn’t anything new with Adam Baldwin already having treaded the Castle boards but I have to say that I whooped with excitement when I saw her name on the credits.

The story itself lies in territory that Castle writers have covered before.  A death connected to a TV show, specifically a reality show, isn’t exactly a new concept on the show but they do it so well you don’t mind the fact that you feel as if you have seen it before.  The in-fighting, the ego clashes and diva desperation is all played to a tee.

It’s also Valentines Day on the show so there is a strand running throughout about romance and presents.  Ryan is on baby-making duties while Esposito and Lanie are wining and dining.  Yay!  Bring back EspLanie? Lanito?

The biggest disappointment in the whole episode is that Nathan Fillion and Gina Torres don’t interact…AT ALL.  For the full 42 minutes, I was expecting, no paying, for even a small conversation between them.  There would be a pithy exchange and then a Firefly reference that would make us, the audience, laugh knowingly and then shake our heads saying ‘those crazy Castle writers.’  But no, nothing, nada, zip, zilch.

This brings up a bigger point in Geekdom.  Are Browncoats as powerful as they were 10 years ago?  Back then, the passion of this fan movement allowed Joss Whedon to make a multi-million dollar film to give the fans closure.  Nowadays though, are there enough of us watching Castle to make it worth the writers while to actually include even the smallest nod to the show?

Rating: 3/5

Reviewer: Geek Adventure

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