TV REVIEW: Community Season 3 Episode 6 – Advanced Gay

When Pierce is approached by two men to sign a container of Hawthrone Wipes, he realises that his product has become a gay icon. Never one to turn down a buck, he embraces this new turn with a new product; Pride Wipes. That is, until his father shows up. Meanwhile, Troy is approached again by Jerry the plumber, but when the Vice Dean hears of his plumbing skills, he tries to recruit Troy for the Air Conditioning School. Which path will Troy choose?

After two manic but pretty great episodes, Community has returned to the relative safety of the school environment; Britta is trying to analyse Pierce’s relationship with his father, and Jeff’s interjections, but inevitably gets the name of the disorder she diagnoses wrong. Troy seems to be finally growing up as he is faced with a choice that would make him wealthy but ultimately unhappy, and decides to do nothing… For now. As well as this, Pierce’s father – the man who was holding him back – dies after being taunted by Jeff, which leaves Pierce finally free to achieve something with his life, on his own terms.

A mature decision from Troy? Surely Community isn’t messing with the silliness that makes it great? Thankfully, no. Pierce’s father is a ridiculously racist man who appears to have fallen out of a past century with his accent and ivory toupee, the Dean dresses like an extra from Tron for the ‘gay bash’ but then denies all knowledge of the character when asked and Tory and Abed do uncannily accurate impressions of one another.

This week’s instalment was a very funny and outlandish episode of Community with a sombre undertone that returns the study group to the environment that suits them best; the college.

GS Reviewer: Brogen

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  1. This episode was wonderful. Brought me back to the glory days of Season One.

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