TV REVIEW: Futurama Season 6 Episode 26 – Reincarnation

So we thought the season of Futurama was over, twice… But it seems that we were wrong, twice! This episode features a rare cold opening sequence with a reappearance from the ‘God’ character that Bender met in Godfellas and in an even rarer move, the tagline at the beginning of the episode has been dispensed with in favour of the episode’s title being displayed. Seems Futurama has got all serious on us.

The episode is broken up into three segments along the same lines as the Anthology of Interest episodes. The first is Colorama; a black and white story in which Fry wants to propose to Leela, but needs a suitably large ring to prove his love. This section is animated in the style of early Walt Disney cartoons or the Rueben Fleischer studio and has some nice nods to Betty Boop and Popeye.

Next is Future Challenge 3000 – a tribute to the arcade games of the 1980s. While this is not as visually pleasing or as funny as Colorama, it is still a clever segment in which Leela makes some surprisingly filthy comments. Finally is Action Delivery Force, which is a parody of all the badly dubbed Japanese cartoons we remember from our childhoods. The writers have linked each segment of the episode together with a clever little device. The media used to tell the stories are unable to show the resolution; in Colorama a new colour is born, but the audience is unable to see it because the cartoon is in black and white, the majesty of he universe is discovered in Future Challenge 300, but the 8-bit resolution is unable to display it on the screen and in Action Delivery Force, Zoidberg’s dance to communicate with the aliens is so incredible that the movements cannot be captured on screen. Clever huh?

Futurama is at its best when it is referencing the past, and this episode is so nostalgic it almost hurts. There is something in this episode that almost all of us loved in our childhoods, and if you still want more, there are gags a-plenty… The show has not got serious on us yet! This season finale proves the show’s strengths and shows them off to their best degree. Roll on season7!

GS Reviewer: Brogen

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