TV REVIEW: Hustle Season 8 Episode 3

The gang have to pull off an inheritance con but a policeman is hot on their trail. Will their luck finally run out?

At the start of the episode we find the gang pulling a con that involves Mickey posing as a nightclub DJ. I always find it strange seeing Mickey pulling the cockney act as it just seems wrong but somehow he always pulls it off.

Shortly after, we meet DI Fisk (Patrick Baladi) a corrupt policeman who is bribed to take down Mickey and the gang. Meanwhile the team find a new target to run an inheritance scam on. Linda Runcorn is a the mark and to convince her they need to swap a bracelet she wears and swap it with a fake. This way she will pay over the money to receive her inheritance.

At the same time we meet Kat a pickpocket and former friend of Emma and Sean who she covered for in her younger years. Sean helps Kat out and brings her into the con. Unknown to Sean and the team Kat is being blackmailed by the DI Fisk who wants information so he can set Mickey up. Emma gets arrested after Kat plants drugs in her bag and DI Fisk confronts Mickey and offers a deal for her release. Mickey refuses and agrees with Emma to continue the con.

The con goes ahead but Mickey is caught by Fisk and arrested. Then Fisk’s Police Chief walks in and arrests Fisk for being corrupt and thanks Mickey… WAIT! WHAT? Oh BRAVO, bravo. I never saw this coming and it was really good. But what happened.

So after the DJ con the Police Chief DCI Angela Wainwright confronts Mickey and the gang to help bring down Fisk and they agree. The whole thing was one big set up to catch Fisk including the mark who was a grifter as well.

I loved this episode as I was not sure what was going to happen and it completely fooled me. The opening scene with Mickey as the DJ was cool and funny and the sub plot with Eddie and his rubbish collection was strange but fun. I did think it was a easy scam but my mind just got carried away with the con.

When Emma ends up in Jail I was sure Mickey would get her out but I never guessed it was all part of the plan. Then when Sean lost his rag it was played to perfection. Overall a high point for Hustle and best episode I have seen for a long time.

GS Rating 5/5
GS Reporter: Montoya

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