TV REVIEW: In The Flesh, Series 1, Episode 2

inthefleshAfter the shocking conclusion last week, can this week’s episode live up to expectations? To me, it felt even slower as the episode mainly switches between events with Kieren and Bill Macy.

After being stuck at home since the events of the previous night, Kieren finally sneaks out and meets a kindred spirit in Amy Dyer. They talk about each others last moments and how they died.

Meanwhile back in Roarton, Bill Macy is dealing with the imminent arrival of his son, thought dead in Afghanistan but now a PDS sufferer. Bill is right behind his son and tells his fellow HVF members that he expects their support too. We hold our breath when Ric comes home, wondering what is going to happen – nothing as it turns out. When Ric and Kieren finally meet we are expecting a big emotional reunion, but we don’t really get it.

We have one more episode to go in the series and whilst it looks pretty with exceptional acting and exciting flashbacks, I am not sure where the series is going. I was expecting more this week, maybe a bit of a clash between the HVF and the ‘rotters’ and more involvement of the Undead Liberation Army but it just seemed to plod on for ages with not much happening.

I hope next week they really pull out all the stops. I mean it’s the last episode so something has to happen, right? It seems that the BBC have left it until the last episode to do so. Hopefully the episode isn’t going to feel rushed and unfulfilling but we shall just have to wait and see!

Rating: 3/5
Reporter: darkphoenix1701

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