TV REVIEW: Supergirl, Season 1, Episode 9 – Blood Bonds

This week sees the return of Supergirl to UK screens after an impromptu and never quite explained hiatus (in the US season 1 is very nearly finished).

It is always good to to see Melissa Benoist’s character on our screens not least because it is such a breath of fresh air (particularly for those who sat through the testosterone grunt fest that was Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice). It is not dark, it is not gritty, it is not conflicted. It is super smiley, super shiny fun.

Without giving too much away this episode sees the feud with Maxwell Lord, CEO of super-shady Lord Technologies, shift into a new gear. The phony war seems to be over and a confrontation is looming. We also see a different side to Astra, the General leading the rag-tag band of escaped alien convicts and also Kara’s aunt from Krypton.

As always, the interactions between Kara and Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) are the highlight, with some good work from the supporting “human” cast. “Blood Bonds” isn’t vintage Supergirl, certainly nothing yet has matched the highlight of the series so far, which was episode 6 “Red Faced,” but it is good solid entertainment, keeping the ongoing story spinning and adding a few new levels to the “us-and-them” theme.

Supergirl remains tremendous fun and is well worth the second season it has been given.

GS Rating: 3/5

GS Blogger: Bobby Diabolus

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