TV REVIEW: Supernatual S7, Ep 18 & 19: “Party On Garth” & “Of Grave Importance”

The Winchesters are back with another double header. Old friends return as the boys deal with a booze monsters and vengeful spirits…

Episode 18 – Party On Garth

The episode opens with that classic horror scene of teens round a campfire telling a scary story.  The brother of one of the group shows up extremely drunk and begins to see and hear things, he takes off and when his brother catches up with him – he’s dead.

We move on and Garth (DJ Qualls) is back and telling with the case of the murdered teen.  After gaining information and burning some bones he believes the case is done but when the brother of the victim aforementioned is found dead under the same circumstances, he calls in Dean to assist.

Garth and the boys work the case, the victims are linked by a brewery but the boys struggle to make a break through until a young girl see’s the monster responsible.  Garth proves better than Dean at breaking through to the young girl and its revealed that the monster can only be seen when you are drunk.  The boys proceed to drink to excess and find that creature responsible is a Sho-Jo, a Japanese “booze demon” that can be harnessed to do your bidding.  Sent by the disgruntled partner of the brewery to take revenge.

While investigating, Garth’s EMF goes off repeatedly when it shouldn’t be.  He suggests to Dean that Bobby may be haunting the brothers but Dean dismisses this.  Garth brings it up again and Sam reveals he used a talking board after the beer incident but had no response.

The boys manage to discover the next victim in line thanks to Garth.  Dean obtains the weapon needed – a samurai sword, and there is a showdown at the brewery.  When Dean loses the sword, it makes its way back to him with mysterious force.  Dean kills the monster and the boys say the goodbyes to Garth.  The boys discuss the possibility of Bobby haunting them but dismiss it, although Dean calls for a Bobby in the motel room and gets no reply.

We see Bobby in the motel room, confirming he is a ghost.  Dean returns for the flask but cannot see Bobby…

This was a funny episode mainly due to DJ Squalls as Garth.  He really is a refreshing character and it’s good to see someone who is so physically opposite to Sam and Dean still able to do the job.  He’s a happy-go-lucky hunter with a “special lady” – far removed from the bog, gruff, emotionally damaged hunters we are used to.

The story is clever if implausible, in fact one of the most implausible things I have ever seen is in this episode – a young girl takes ONE sip/gulp of vodka orange and is instantly drunk.  While it was used to show another gruesome death and give the boys a clue as to what was happening, it was just laughably unrealistic.

We now know Bobby is a ghost – so one mystery solved, although to be fair you could see it coming a mile away.

Best lines: “You’ve been Garthed”, “Invisible Ghost Werewolf”, “Coffee for you, Tara Reid”, “Mr Fizzles is going to go where the sun doesn’t shine”, “Can you even get drunk anymore? It’s like taking a vitamin for you”, “I google”, “Come with me if you want to live”, “Isn’t Swayze”, “Balls”


Episode 19: Of Grave Importance

The episode opens with Sam and Dean who get a phone call from an old hunting acquintance called Annie (which we find out through the episode is known to Dean, Sam and Bobby intimately) who wants a hand with a case.  We then move to some teens in an old house who are seemingly attacked by a large fellow.  Annie shows up to the house and see’s the same figure.

The boys are stood up by Annie so decide to pursue the case in an effort to find her.  We see Bobby is with the boys, using all his effort for them to notice him but to no avail.  Bobby is linked to the flask and can only be around the flask, luckily Dean remembers to bring it with him on the case.  As the boys enter the house from before, Bobby follows and immediately can see all the ghosts including Annie, we know that she is dead.

Bobby catches up with Annie and they discuss their respective situations.  They meet another ghost who has no issues in moving things around.  He informs them that there are only two ways they can affect the things around the – calmly or “zen” as Bobby calls it, or uncontrolled rage.  Bobby and Annie both attempt to master the calm technique but have little success.  The ghost also reveals that the fate of all ghosts is end up as deteerioating, rottting, amenisiac, vengeful spirits.

Bobby and Annie work the case while the boys do the same.  Bobby manages to master the “zen” technique and gets a message to the boys about Annie being in the house.  Back at the house and more teens show up, once again the large fellow charges them but it is revealled that the large man was warning them and it is the head of the house – Whitham who is responsible for the killings – he gains power from all the ghosts around him and can “absorb” other ghosts – killing them.

Whitham manages to slip a key on Sam once the boys return, enabling him to leave the house with the boys while Bobby is stuck at the house due to him hiding his flask in the house.   Whitham attacks the boys but they manage to send him back to the house.  Bobby and Annie discover Whitham’s stash of bodies.  Whitham returns and begins to absorb Bobby, however the boys manage to get to Whitham’s bones in time to kill him before he can take Bobby.

The boys return to the house and can now see Bobby.  Bobby tells the boys he stayed and became a ghost on purpose to help them but the boys remain unsure with Dean claiming it’s not right.  We end the episode with Dean predicting it will not end well as Bobby listens…

This was a good episode thanks to the return of Jim Beaver as Bobby.  He has the best lines in this episode and once again delivers a brillant performance.  The story is fairly standard but the focus is, as it should be, on Bobby.  The boys aren’t that happy to see Bobby though even intially which I find a bit off though.

I look forward to seeing more of Bobby in the rest of the season – which is nearly over at this point.

Best lines: “Move crap with the power of Zen”, “Romantic bullcrap”, “Ghost ju-ju”, “Slimer”, “A hooker?”, “Suck on that Swayze!”

Rating (Ep 18): 4/5
Rating (Ep 19): 4/5
Reporter: Steven Stone

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