TV REVIEW: Supernatural S7 Episode 16 & 17 Review: “Out with the Old” & “The Born Again Identity”

The Winchesters are back for another double-header this week.  The boys take on cursed objects, big mouths and see the return of an old enemy…and friend.

Episode 16: Out with the Old

Once again a classic opening – a ballerina with an attitude problem, puts on her shoes to dance alone.  Except she can’t stop dancing, swirling and twirling until there is a bloody mess on the floor – she literally danced her feet off.

The boys are back in contact with Frank trying to find out what Dick is up to.  Apparently he is funding archeological digs all over the world, although there is no news on the field from Bobby’s co-ordinates.  Sam is still suffering the effects of Lucifer (although we don’t see him this time).

The brothers pick up on the case of the ballerina and manage to track the shoes just as a little girl places them on her feet and begins to dance.  The boys manage to wrestle the shoes off her as Dean begins to feel their effects.  They trace the source – an old safe of a deceased woman who had a collection of cursed objects that have just been sold off by her son.  The boys now have to find all the objects and lock them away again.  We are treated to another gruesome death, this time by kettle before the boys achieve their objective.

Meanwhile all the properties in town are being bought up by  a new agency.  Staffed by Joyce, a domineering woman and George, her put upon assistant.  This raises Dean’s suspicions who gets Frank on the case, who discovers the company is part of Roman Enterprises.  Sam and Dean fallen into a trap set by Joyce and George, who are revealed to be Leviathan.  George betrays Joyce and helps Sam and Dean kill her – his motivation being that he wanted to eat her. George reveals that the Leviathan plan is to “cure cancer”.  As the boys try to digest what this means they go to see Frank – his trailer is a mess with blood everywhere and Frank is nowhere to be seen…

This was a solid episode mixing in the story of the week and the overall arc.  It was good to see the Leviathans again, for the series primary villains they don’t appear that much.  The mystery of what they are up to continues and I am intrigued to see what “curing cancer” refers to.  The cursed objects story is pretty basic and predictable though.  The boys perform well as usual with the some funny lines between them and we have yet another death mystery with the fate of Frank unknown.  Why they don’t want to actually show the deaths this series is a bit strange to me and while mystery is part of the series, filling it with unanswered questions is frustrating.

Best lines: “I saw Black Swan…twice”, “Oh what a dream you are”, “with enough mojo you can turn a frigging pencil into a weapon of mass destruction”, “Call me if you don’t die”, “He’s singing Stairway to Heaven right now”

Episode 17: The Born Again Identity

We open with Sam running and stumbling his away through the back streets of some town.  He is pursued by Lucifer, the madness has gotten hold of hm and Lucifer won’t leave.  It is revealed Sam has been awake for five days.  Running into a drug dealer who gives him something to knock him out, Sam thinks he has found relief but to no avail.  He ends his torment by running in front of a car.

Dean manages to track Sam down.  Sam has been submitted to a psych ward due to talking about Lucifer and his lack of sleep.  Dean vows to find a way to help Sam and goes through Bobby’s old things.  At the point of giving up a card falls out of Bobby’s things. Dean phones the number and gets a call back from a hunter who says he has found a healer who is the real deal.  Dean takes off at once.

Dean shows up and meets the healer who turns out to be demon. After dispatching him and others he meets the real healer – Castiel!

Castiel doesn’t know he’s Castiel.  He was found by a woman near a lake, she took him in and cared for him believing it to be by God’s will.  He married the woman and took the named Immanuel.  Despite having no memory, he is able to use his abilities to heal people and recognised the demons in their possessed state.  Dean convinces Cas/Immanuel to come with him to heal Sam.  On the way Dean is attacked by demons once more but is saved by another familiar face – Meg!  Meg explains that the she is still running from Crowley and wants to help Dean with Cas who is now the target of Crowley’s demons.  While Dean believes Meg just wants Cas as a personal protector, he accepts the offer.  Dean warns Meg not to tell Cas who he really is.  Through conversations with Cas/Immanuel Dean reveals he “can’t shake” what Cas did.

Meanwhile Sam is suffering the torments of Lucifer.  However he meets a young girl in the ward who is always seeing and hearing a figure.  It turns out that she is not crazy and is being haunted by her dead brother who wants her to join him.  While battling his own hallucinations, Sam and the girl manage to vanquish the spirit.

Dean, Cas/Immanuel and Meg show up at the hospital but it is surrounded by demons.  Meg and Dean argue about revealing the truth to Cas but he overhears and they have no choice but reveal the truth to him.  Cas walks to the hospital, smiting the demons and in doing so restores his memories.  Cas is overwhelmed with guilt by what he’s done and tries to flee but Dean convinces him to stay – giving him back the trenchcoat that he had kept since episode 1.

Sam has been captured after his exorcism of the spirit and is to undergo electro-shock therapy however the  nurse turns out to be a demon and Sam is to be killed.  Cas kills the demon in time and attempts to heal Sam but cannot – his wall has crumbled and there is nothing left.  However Cas realises that he can “shift” the madness to himself and does so.  As Sam recognises Cas, Cas see’s Lucifer.  The boys leave the hospital with Cas as a patient for safety, we see Meg interviewing to be a nurse at the hospital – she is successful.

We finally see the return of Cas, answering the question of whether he was dead or not.  Misha Collins is always a delight to watch and once again he performs well here – being Cas without being Cas if you will (Immanuel) and then back to full on angel before he is left in a horrified state.  The trouble is I wanted to see even more Cas but the sub story with Sam and the girl kept getting in the way.  While I guess they wanted Sam to be doing something, the whole story with the girl was basic and wasn’t needed.  It would have been better served to focus more on Dean and Cas or even on the tortures Lucifer was conducting on Sam.  A point to note that once again Michael Pellegrino knocks it out the park as Lucifer.  Using a megaphone and firecrackers to keep Sam awake is genius.

While we get Cas back he is just as quickly taken away, this won’t please the fans but when we do see him again either as a full capable Cas or a mental Cas – it will be something to behold. Also we are introduced back to Cas as Immanuel who has a wife – no mention is made again of this wife = plot hole.

Best lines: “Tell the nice tweaker”, “pull up a six-pack”, “Quite being Dali fricken Yoda – get pissed!”, “Bouncing Baby”, “I believe in the little tree topper”, “You’re dead” – “Yes I heard”.

Rating Ep16: 3/5

Rating Ep17: 4/5

Reporter: Steven Stone

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