TV REVIEW: Supernatural S7 Eps 20 & 21 – “The Girl with the Dungeons & Dragons Tattoo” and “Reading is Fundamental”

We are gearing up to the finale, and it’s all go for the Winchesters.  The boys go gunning for Dick’s plan, a one in a million girl and Cas wakes up…..

Episode 20: The Girl with the Dungeon & Dragons Tattoo

We open with the boys trying to piece together what they know of Dick’s plan.  Bobby flashes in (fighting not to flash out again) and reveals Dick’s plans – the field that the coordinates leads to is to build a slaughterhouse, the meat being humans.  The “Turducken” plan is being rolled out – not just to small food chains but everywhere in order to make the population docile and compliant.  “The cure for cancer” is just that – curing of all major aliments from cancer to heart disease.  It’s all to make “the perfect herd” so the Leviathans can become the dominate life form with a permanent food source.

The boys then get an email from Frank revealing he is dead….or that his hard drive is being hacked.  We don’t know about the former, but it is definitely the latter.  A young girl is hacking the drive – guest star Felicia Day.

Five hours earlier, we see Charlie Bradbury (Felicia Day) is going to work at Roman Enterprises. She’s setting up politicians for fun, but is pulled in by Dick Roman and given 3 days to hack Frank’s hard drive.  Dick reveals Charlie can’t be copied, so he has no choice but to give her this assignment.  Charlie manages to hack into the drive and reads the information on Dick Roman and the Leviathans.  She doesn’t believe it until she sees her boss copied and eaten.

Bobby suggests getting the flask in to Roman Enterprises to deal with it himself, but the boys say no, concerned he would become vengeful and so leave him behind.

Charlie attempts to flee but the boys have tracked her thanks to Frank’s trap of hacking the hackers webcam.  They convince her they are not Leviathans and get her to read the info about the archaeological digs Dick has been obsessed with.  However, they need to break into Dick’s personal email to get the information, which is only at his personal computer in the middle of Roman Enterprises.  Charlie has to be the one to get the info,  but Bobby manages to sneak himself in with her. After Sam using Harry Potter to motivate her and Dean schooling her in flirting, she succeeds in the task.  She discovers that whatever Dick was after is being sent to him that night. Flashing to two hours earlier, Charlie sets up the trick to give the boys time to make a switch on package.

Dick intercepts Charlie to see what she has found, but she tells him that the info on Sam and Dean etc has been permanently deleted.  She gets away, but Dick locks the building down.  Bobby attacks the Leviathans, including Dick, injuring Charlie in the process.  The boys save Charlie and get away.  Charlie leaves the boys, revealing that her name isn’t even Charlie.  The episode ends with the boys discussing Bobby going vengeful.

This was a good episode: we finally get some answers to Dick’s plan.  Felicia Day is excellent as Charlie – a fun, free, geeky girl with amazing skills and not ever likely to fall for the boys’ charms.  However, we do go back to the use of flashbacks to things we have seen multiple times which is, as I have said before, lazy.

James Patrick Stewart is on form as Dick and the boys once again perform.  It’s great to get answers, even if they were a long time coming.  I would say the boys were too quick to look at the negative side of Bobby’s return, which I find a bit off.  I understand it would be a factor to them, but since they have known he was back we haven’t had a smile or anything positive directed towards Bobby.

Best lines: “Baby? You’re kinda completing me right now,” “The Eye of Sauron is upon me,” “Nice try Zero Charisma,” “middle of the Death Star,” “I should’ve taken that job at Google,” “I’m having a hard time moving,” “You go Dumbledork,” “I was drunk, it was Comic Con,” “Let’s Yoda this.”

Episode 20 Rating: 4/5


Episode 21: Reading is Fundamental

The episode opens with Sam and Dean and the item they stole from Dick last episode – a “hunk of red clay.”  Dean hammers at the clay and the rock; with each blow of the hammer, thunder and lighting streak across the sky.  We see a young teen playing the cello, talking to his girlfriend and doing homework – a smart kid.  As Dean finally breaks through the outer layer of the item, we have the biggest strike yet and young man is struck, his eyes glow gold as strange symbols flash in front of them.  We move to the hospital asylum – the thunder cracks and Castiel is awake…

We see Leviathans discussing plans and see that Edgar is back.  We move onto the young man from earlier, his name is Kevin Tran and he has been unconscious since the night before.  He revives and rushes off, but keeps being stopped by the flashes of the symbols, stating that he is “chosen, it’s his birthright and I cannot stop” as he drives to a destination unknown.  We move back to the boys and learn that while Bobby is around, he is drained from the fight with Dick so cannot manifest.  Meg calls the boys to say that Cas is awake.

The boys meet Cas who is up and functioning, but he is not the Cas they knew – he finds amusement and beauty in everything.  Sam’s madness has taken him.  However, he identifies the item taken from Dick by the boys as the “Word of God,” but he cannot read it as it wasn’t meant for angels.  When Dean and Meg clash, Cas states that he doesn’t like conflict and disappears.  Meg and Sam then argue; when he won’t tell her whats going on, she threatens to leave with Cas.  In the midst of the fight, Kevin has shown up and steals the “Word” but is stopped by Meg.  He can’t let it go and says that he is supposed to keep it.  Dean confronts Cas, though Cas only wants to play the game of “Sorry” – Dean says Cas isn’t sorry, only playing it.

Kevin discovers he can read the tablet and that it is about Leviathan.  Angels show up; due to protocol, it appears that Kevin is a prophet of the Lord and he is to go with them to the desert to learn to read the “Word of God.”  The Angels threaten to take Kevin by force, but Meg produces an Angel sword and Dean sends them packing.  The foursome of Dean, Sam, Meg and Kevin go on the run, with Cas later joining them. Demons are tracking the group.  When they hold up, Cas reveals he doesn’t fight anymore and has a heart to heart with Sam (as best he can in his mental state) stating that he doesn’t see Lucifer like Sam did but rather he sees “everything.”  Sam forgives Cas for his actions and is grateful for his help in the past.

Meg meets the demons tracking them, and while appearing to betray Cas and the boys, actually kills the demons.  When she returns the boys have her trapped and do not trust her, but Cas supports her.  Meg reveals she is acting for a cause – first it was supporting the yellow eyed demon into releasing Lucifer, and now it is bringing down Crowley.  The Angels return and refuse to help the boys or take on the Leviathan.  One of them named Esthemay, brutally attacks Castiel and tries to kill him but is killed by Meg.  Kevin translates the tablet for the boys and leaves with the Angels.  His translation reveals that the head of the Leviathan must be brought down/killed to stop the rest of them, and they can only do that with “the bone of a righteous mortal washed in the blood of the 3 fallen.”  Cas gives the boys his blood, revealing the first fallen is a fallen angel.  Meg and Cas both depart.

The Angels take Kevin back to his mother, but the Detective with her is revealed as a Leviathan – Edgar.  He kills the Angels and takes Kevin.

This was a really good episode.  Plenty of laughs and emotion with a nice shock at the end.  Misha Collins yet again gives us another version of Cas – a funny, offbeat and vulnerable Cas that is rejected by Dean but accepted by Sam.  It’s an interesting dynamic and maybe not one that the “Destiel” fans like, but I appreciate yet another believable, different take on a character that we have known for years.   Meg (played by Rachel Miner) is wickedly humourous and deadly; she has been a real treat and I hope to see more of her.  We are also introduced to Kevin (played by Osric Chau) – another welcome addition, funny and vulnerable with an air of honesty. I do have to say, they seem to meet a lot of intelligent types this series – Frank, Charlie, Kevin.  Also, there is some inconsistency with Angel lore – in this episode Dean claims Angels have no “junk,” yet he took Cas to lose his virginity in series 5…

It was good to see the Angels again and although we didn’t see a lot of Leviathan, when we did it had impact.  It’s certainly building up now as the series is coming to end. I do wonder if it would’ve been better spacing it out over the series rather than packing everything in at the end.

Best lines: “This goes out to all the ladies,” “What up Bullwinkle?” “Pull my finger,” “I love you guys,” “I know for a fact the females were not consulted on that,” “A transformer wrote that?” “I was backing the Neanderthals,” “What is that?” “No junk,” “I can’t live in the desert, I’m applying to Princeton,” “Is this a sex torture dungeon?” “I just want to be the first Asian-American President of the United States,” “Leviathan beats Angel.”

Episode 21 Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Steven Stone

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