TV REVIEW: The Big Bang Theory Season 5 Episode 11 – The Speckerman Recurrence

Leonard is contacted by his high school bully, and the girls realise that Penny was one of the pretty popular girls that bullied others.

We geeks can understand the pain of the gang in The Big Bang Theory – they were always the ones pushed into lockers, stuffed into backpacks or thrown, naked, into the girls’ locker room in high school. This does not translate to Penny though, she was the one doing the bullying. How things change as we get older; she would never have been friends with girls like Bernadette and Amy when she was a teenager.

Many of us would like to confront our high school bullies, but when Leonard gets the chance, it is actually Sheldon that stands up for him – albeit for the wrong reasons. For a while it appears that Jimmy the bully has learned his lesson, but when he sobers up he returns to his old ways of stealing Leonard’s food and calling him Nancy. Meanwhile, Penny does not get very far in apologising to the girls she picked on, so decides to make up for it through altruism – namely, donating clothes that she does not wear any more.

Of course both plans backfire; Sheldon and Leonard run screaming from their apartment when Leonard stands up to Jimmy, and Penny ends up taking clothes from the clothing bank. But, hey… They tried.

The Big Bang Theory has settled into a certain style for this season; not a lot has changed so far, other than the ending of one relationship and the cementing of another, and it really feels time for a shake up in the show. This episode is fine, and a standard episode of the show, but it would be great if something or someone came along to shake up the status quo.

GS Reviewer: Brogen

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