TV REVIEW: The Big Bang Theory Season 5 Episode 14 – The Beta Test Initiation

This week, Leonard and Penny work on the difficulties in their relationship, while Raj falls in love with the Siri function on his new iPhone and Sheldon creates a new video podcast entitled ‘Fun with Flags’.

Leonard and Penny come up with a novel way to sort out the problems in their relationship without offending each other – they treat it like a Beta test and report their bugs to one another before they become issues. Of course, this doesn’t work out, but instead of breaking up or falling out, Leonard and Penny talk about the things that upset them.

Sheldon and Amy work on the podcast on flags and it turns out to be unintentional comedy gold; they are dry, humourless and serious, but their earnestness is what makes it hilarious. The irony of the episode is that Raj falls in love with the Siri app on his iPhone – a piece of technology that is voice activated. This leads to some awkward dinners with Howard and Bernadette and a rather hilarious dream sequence where Raj comes face to face with a human version of Siri and cannot talk to her.

This week’s was rather good episode of The Big Bang Theory overall. It is nice to see Leonard and Penny get back together, but one can’t help but wonder what will happen between them in the end; one more breakup would surely be the end of their friendship. Sheldon and Amy are funny in small bites, but we are due a Sheldon starring episode soon, and it was a very clever twist having Raj fall in love with the only woman who will agree with him all the time, and a woman he can talk with without fear.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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