TV REVIEW: The Big Bang Theory Season 5 Episode 8 – The Isolation Permutation

Amy is upset when the girls go wedding dress shopping without her and turns to Sheldon for comfort.

It is easy to see how the episode came about; Bernadette and Penny, tired of Amy’s constant lipstick lesbian-esque comments about bridal showers, decide to spend a day shopping for wedding dresses without her. When she finds out, Amy spirals into a circle of depression and questions her position in the group.

This is a rather strange turn for The Big Bang Theory; an Amy heavy episode. While she is a great character it does not seem that she is strong enough to carry an entire episode. This is not a reflection on Mayim Bialik, but more on the writers. There is a little too much Amy in this episode, and she quickly turns from funny – singing Everybody Hurts and relying a little too heavily on Sheldon – to the annoying – explaining situations with a dissected brain. Ick.

Thankfully, Sheldon’s rant to Leonard and Howard to ‘Get your women’ in line is funny enough to make up for the surplus of Amy. Sheldon gets so worked up at the little things that it is nice to see him get worked up about something big for a change.

Of course things resolve themselves and Amy’s relationship with the girls goes back to the way it was, without many changes. A nice little arc for the episode, but it could have been done in a much less irritating way.

In other news, Leonard announced that he is single; Priya is gone for good it seems.

A weaker episode of The Big Bang Theory than we have become used to, and the weakest of the season so far. However, it is worth watching, if only to see Amy singing Everybody Hurts while accompanying herself on the harp.

GS Reviewer: Brogen

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