TV REVIEW: The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 1 – What Lies Ahead

When last we saw the survivors in The Walking Dead they had just fled Dr Jenner at the CDC, leaving behind all hope that a cure for the Walkers was found. We rejoin the gang on the road as they leave Atlanta to the undead and move on. On the road, they are held up by a blockade of abandoned vehicles, as they scavenge through the cars for anything they can use, they are surrounded by a ‘herd’ of Walkers. Before the danger passes, however, one of their number goes missing and it is up to Rick to find them.

It feels like we have been waiting forever for The Walking Dead to come back, and it finally has… Albeit with a few changes. The opening moments tell us that Rick is no longer going to communicate with Morgan and his son – the people who offered him safe haven in the first episode – and so the device that allowed Rick to have voice over in the show is gone. This is an interesting choice for the show, as it seems it is going to move away from graphic novel to a degree.

The first episode of the new season does not skimp on the gore, which is not really a surprise considering it was written by Frank Darabont. It is not long before the survivors are hiding underneath cars and dead bodies to avoid the Walkers, and dissecting one they sill to make sure that their missing friend wasn’t eaten. While not a huge amount of entrails are shown during this scene, the squelching sounds are more than enough to allow the audience’s imagination run wild.

After spending so much time together, and the death of her sister, it is not surprising that Andrea wants to leave our merry band and make her way on her own. Nor is it unexpected that Shane wants to leave either, since his relationship with Lori was spectacularly cut short.

The episode is dialogue heavy, as we have come to expect from The Walking Dead, but just as we think that the survivors are going to have to live in the blockade and talk about their feelings all season, Carl – Rick and Lori’s son – is shot, leaving Rick in a panic and the audience on the edge of their seats.

This was a great start to the new season of The Walking Dead; the dialogue re-established characters we had not seen on screen in a long time, allowed for them to move on from Atlanta and gave us gore and shocks. Everything we want from the show we have come to love.

GS Reviewer: Brogen

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