TV REVIEW: The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 – Bloodletting

Otis – the man who shot Carl by accident as he admired a wild deer – brings Rick, Daryl and Carl to the farmhouse he is sharing with other survivors. The residents do all they can to help the newcomers – even going so far as to find Lori and bring her to her injured son’s side – but there is only so much they can do. Rick donates blood to his son, but without a respirator there is little else that can be done. Shane and Otis take it upon themselves to find medical supplies, but are quickly surrounded by Walkers.

It is interesting that AMC have cut back on the budget for The Walking Dead and warned us that there will be fewer Walkers this time out. Maybe they are trying to ease us to this conclusion, but there seem to be plenty of Walkers in the season so far. In fact, it is in one of the scenes with the undead that we get the first comic relief of the season. It is easy to forget, because they have the very real ability to kill, that the Walkers are actually pretty stupid. Not to underestimate them, but when Shane throws flares to distract the Walkers at the Medical Centre it works perfectly, and there is something rather funny at watching the undead run after the flares like kittens after a ball of wool. Aww… Wait… ARGH!

The survivors are now separated. There are those who wait at the highway in the hope that Sophia, for it is she that ran away from the Walkers and got lost, will return. The rest of the gang are at the farmhouse with Hershel, his daughters and the gun happy Otis. This is sure to make for some tension in the show, apart from the love triangle between Lori, Shane and Rick, which the latter is seemingly oblivious to. This also explains why Shane was so quick to run into danger to help Carl. Last week he wanted to leave the group and strike off on his own, but now he has a chance to prove to Lori that he is a hero and win back some favour in her eyes.

The interesting thing about this new episode of The Walking Dead is that Carl’s injury, and Rick’s incapacitation from donating blood has left Lori to become the emotional centre of the show. She is the one that the men in this splintered group rely on, and she has changed from being needy and whiny to supporting the people in her life. Shame the same cannot be said for Carol who spends her time crying, wailing and being generally useless. And Andrea wants to kill herself, so until that is resolved, she is not going to be much use to anyone.

This week, we also get to see some of the smaller characters rounded out. T-Dog was injured while hiding from Walkers last week, and in his injured and feverish state he tells what actually may be his truth, as he feels he is close to death, the irony of which, is not lost on him.

This week’s episode was a character driven drama, with a little action at the end leading to a cliffhanger. This is a formula we expect from The Walking Dead, but this does not mean that it does not work; quite the opposite, in fact. The Walking Dead has always been about the relationships between people who are thrown together and this week is no different. While it may seem to be slow moving, we are actually learning a lot about the people who, so far, have survived becoming the walking dead.

GS Reviewer: Brogen

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