TV REVIEW: The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 3 – Save The Last One

Shane and Otis are surrounded by Walkers and search for a way out, meanwhile Andrea and Daryl continue the search for Sophia in the dark, and come across a grisly find.

While kids are the hope for a new future, they seem to be nothing but trouble in The Walking Dead. Carl has internal bleeding from his gunshot wound, which prompted Shane and Otis to seek medical supplies. Meanwhile Sophia still has not been found so, fed up with listening to Carol cry, Daryl and Andrea set out to look for her at night.

After the disheartening events at the camp in Atlanta and the DCD, it seems that hope is returning to the survivors. Lori and Rick hope against hope that Shane will return with the equipment needed to save their son. Carol hopes that Sophia will return, and the fact that there is this much effort being put into saving these kids means that the whole group have hope for the future, even in overwhelming circumstances.

There are also several moral and ethical issues brought up in this episode of The Walking Dead. When Daryl and Andrea come across the body of a man who tried to hang himself but was too late to stop himself from becoming a Walker, the issue is whether to waste ammunition on him or to put him out of his misery – the flesh of his legs has been eaten away – even though he is now just animated flesh with an appetite.

Shane also faces a moral choice; in escaping from the school, he and Otis are both injured, running out of ammunition and surrounded by Walkers. If they keep going the way they are, chances are that neither one will survive, so Shane makes the choice to shoot Otis and leave him for the Walkers, clearing the way for him to get back to the camp with supplies. This choice is surely one of the most shocking ones so far in The Walking Dead, and shows that Shane has changed; just as everyone else has. He is a pragmatist – he always had those tendencies, hence his affair with Lori – and sees this new world for what it is.

Writer Scott Gimple has written this scene in a way that is obviously intended to spark debate. There have always been reservations about a man who could start sleeping with his best friends’ wife and threaten to leave the group because he didn’t like the new dynamic, but the debate sparked here is surely about Shane’s reasoning. Does he just want to look good to Lori, or has he genuine feelings for Carl and a desire to make up for the choice that he made a cuckold of Rick? Otis refused to leave Shane behind at the start of this episode, so what kind of person does this make Shane? Hard to make an assessment so early on in the season, but the fact that one character’s choices spark this much debate is a great thing for a show that constantly surprises.

GS Reviewer: Brogen

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