TV REVIEW: True Blood Season 4 Episode 10 – Burning Down the House

True Blood is reaching the end of its yearly run. If we did not already know that by how many episodes are in each season, we would definitely know it by the end of this episode. It is all ramping up and heading towards the end, and if this episode is anything to go by, it’s going to be quite the ending.

When last we saw Sookie she was telling one of the loves of her life – Bill – to run from the other, Eric. After a brief skirmish between the two, Sookie takes matters into her own hands – literally – and blasts them apart with her little lightning trick. The only problem with this is, somehow Eric gets his memory back. Instead of Eric returning fully to his former self, however, there are still remnants of mild mannered Eric there. He is sweet and gracious with Sookie, even when she tells him that she loves both him and Bill, and when Pam turns up to greet her remade maker, he dismisses her, but with a gentle hand. It seems that Eric’s memory loss has changed him permanently and for the better. That said, this new personality is not going to stop Eric from joining the posse that intend to lynch Antonia for her crimes against them.

Sookie is not best pleased about this lynch mob – which is made up of Bill, Eric, Pam and Jessica – so she forms her own plan… With the help of Jesus, Lafayette and Jason (who is suffering waves of guilt after sleeping with Jessica) Sookie ambushes the Moon Goddess Emporium. Jesus believes that Marnie is possessed by Antonia and is an unwilling participant in everything she has done. Little does he realise that Marnie is now the one who is dragging Antonia along for the ride; although they present as Antonia, Marnie had to do some convincing to remind Antonia of their enemy. Jesus crosses the magical border of the shop as Holly and Tara break the spell holding them hostage. Antonia is less than pleased at their betrayal and magics them – along with Sookie and Lafayette – off to a realm unknown. Leaving Jason on his own… That’s not going to end well. Thankfully, the vampires are coming.

Meanwhile, Tommy dies from his injuries sustained at the hands of the Shreveport pack and Sam swears revenge with Alcide’s help. Also Andy’s V habit is discovered and Terry vows to help him get clean.

Phew! Lots going on this week, but thankfully some of the lesser story lines have been wrapped up or sidelined in order to allow the fight between vampires and witches… well, witch… to move to the fore. We all know that Sookie is a fan favourite character, but this is an episode that allows the smaller characters to have their moment in the sun. Jesus shows what he is made of as he takes on Antonia, Sam proves his loyalty to his brother, albeit slightly too late and Terry shows off his inner strength that allowed him to recover from his past and move on.

The stories are now colliding at a rate of knots, which means that the episodes feel more focussed and characters are given more time to resolve issues and move the season forward as a whole and not just their individual threads. After the lag in the middle of the season, this is just what True Blood needed.

The end is nigh, and we cannot wait to see how it all ends!

GS Reviewer: Brogen

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