TV REVIEW: True Blood Season 4 Episode 11 – Soul of Fire

Everything is rushing to the end in True Blood, and this is particularly clear in this episode of the show. Instead of the usual 17,095 (or there abouts) storylines that we have had to contend with so far, the episode has been narrowed down to three; the vampires vs the witches, Sam’s search for revenge and Andy’s adventure in the woods.

At the end of the last episode, the vampires were coming. Thankfully, Jason realises where everyone was teleported to – inside the magic shop – and stops the vamps before they do anything too serious. Meanwhile, Marnie and Antonia are at war again after Marnie kills Casey, one of the witches she has been holding hostage.

Marnie uses some pretty despicable methods to send the vampires away, not least asking that Bill and Eric kill themselves in return for Sookie’s freedom. Pam is not best pleased by this turn of events, but Eric has little time for her and banishes her from his sight. She is not going to be happy about this. Not at all.

Of course, sh*t goes down – as it always does – and Jesus ends up using Casey’s body against Marnie; freeing Antonia and breaking all of the protective spells cast around the shop. This is when the vampires see their chance and storm in, killing Marnie and glamouring the witches.

Meanwhile, Sam is still looking for revenge over the death of his brother. When he finally gets his chance, he steps away – like the Sam we know and love – but Alcide is not so forgiving. Alcide also shuns Debbie after finding out about her treachery. Difficult times indeed.

Andy, the last of our storylines for the week, is entrapped by what must be a fairy as he is walking home. Maurelle convinces him to sleep with her before vanishing again. This is not going to end well for Andy, we can just feel it.

Finally! The episode of True Blood we have been waiting for. Fiona Shaw is great as Marnie, but it feels as though she has taken way too long to get to the point of crazy that she has. It’s a shame to see her go, but with the surprise ending of the episode, it seems that this is not the last we are going to hear from the vampire hating witch. The battle is not really a battle in the end, it is more of a hostage situation that goes bad. Shame really, it would have been nice to see an all out war – even though there would have been a lot more deaths – instead of True Blood sticking to the small scale. Marnie is not done yet though, so maybe we are yet to have the battle we have been hoping for.

As always, Sookie is in the middle of things – leading to some great lines from Pam – but it seems that she is going to have to make a choice between the the vamps in her life. We have our fingers crossed for Eric, he is much more the brooding gothic hero, and he sure as hell has not been as manipulative as Bill. Plus, he’s prettier.

It seems that Sam’s relationship with Luna is on the outs after Marcus meets a messy end, but Sam does not have a lot of luck in love anyway. It is great that he stuck to his guns and did not take the ultimate revenge, but left it to Alcide, even if it only means we are bound to see more of Alcide.

It appears the next season of True Blood is going to be kicked off with Andy’s seduction by a fairy, but we can only imagine what this will mean for Bon Temps and Sookie.

A mediocre episode of episode of True Blood; better than some that have gone before in this season, but there was so much more scope for the showdown which was simply ignored.

GS Reviewer: Brogen

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