TV REVIEW: True Blood Season 4 Episode 12 – And When I Die

Traditionally, after the main madness of any season of True Blood is over, we have a final episode to wrap everything up, and create some more mayhem. This is that episode. Marnie has taken over Lafayette and revenge is finally meted out.

This episode of True Blood is like the end of a Scream movie when the killer jumps up for one final scare. Marnie kills Jesus to gain his power, kidnaps Bill and Eric and is only stopped when Sookie, Tara and Holly team up to stop her. The ghosts of their families join in, but it is Sookie’s grandmother – Adele Stackhouse – that delivers the body blow to Marnie that convinces her to leave. While the dead are walking the Earth, Renee appears to Arlene and warns her about the ghosts of Terry’s past; just as one of his old army buddies comes to town.

Meanwhile, Sam bids farewell to his brother Tommy and Maxine Fortenberry asks that he call her ‘Momma’ from now on as they are the only family each other have left. Jason tells Hoyt about his affair with Jessica, Jessica puts the mockers on a relationship with Jason and Debbie Pelt seeks revenge against Sookie… But Tara gets in the way.

While this is one of the slower episodes of True Blood, it is actually one of the most gripping of this season. While the book this season focussed on is many people’s favourite, it somehow lacked something when it was brought to the screen. The book focuses on the relationship between Sookie and Eric, but to stop this season from turning into even more of a porno than it already was, it was heavily rewritten. Some of this worked, and some of it did not. There have been plots introduced and forgotten about – fairies, werepanthers etc – and Sookie’s personal arc has just got stranger and stranger. She somehow cannot give up on the idea of Bill, and manages to fall in love with a violent vampire she hated and an abusive ex. Way to go Sookie! We thought you were the strong type!

The next season has been set up; it seems that Russell Edgington has escaped from his concrete prison, and Reverand Newland has joined the ranks of the undead; oh irony! We can only hope that the next season of True Blood is not as lacklustre as this one. It’s not that it was a bad season overall, but there was a definite slump in the middle that the show only barely recovered from. Maybe previous seasons have set our expectations too high, but surely a show from the writer of American Beauty and Six Feet Under can do better than this? We can only keep our fingers crossed and wait until next year to find out.

GS Reviewer: Brogen

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