TWILIGHT ZONE Could Return for a Third Time


The Twilight Zone is one of those cherished shows from my childhood that just inspired fond memories of hiding behind pillows and my youngest “NO WAY” moments. It also helped me long the path of a geek. Now we get news that X-Men Director Bryan Singer is bringing it back.

So Singer wants to bring the show back and I wish him luck but this could go a number of ways. he could pull it off and we get a great series that will showcase great actors, writers and directors. Or we get a show that is done too radical and get cancelled after 13 episodes. Or worse that it never gets off the ground like so many other shows that we hear about.

I know I should get really excited by this news but having been let down so many times recently by studios refusing to support new shows even ones with a strong pedigree as this i do have to wonder how many seasons this will get if it gets past the pilot stage.

The Twilight Zone is eyeing a return to primetime. X-Men director Bryan Singer has closed a deal to develop, executive produce and possibly direct a reboot of Rod Serling’s classic. The drama series project, now in early stages, is set up at CBS TV Studios, which owns the rights to the original series. Search is underway for a writer to pen the new Twilight

Source: Deadline
GS Reporter: Montoya

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