Two More Characters Return to the Marvel Film Family

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Every month now we get news of more Marvel characters movie rights coming back to the studio that created them and now we get new of two more.

Kevin Feige who heads the studio confirmed that both Blade and Ghost Rider are back. Now Blade I understand because the last thing they made was the TV show which was a few years back but Ghost Rider was only last year and I had a feeling that it had to be 3 years but maybe the smaller studios had shorter rights deals in place.

This is always good news but on the other hand because Marvel are in control it means they will not be making movies all the time. At least with another studio it would not be 5 years till we get a film. So there are pros and cons on this.

Also lets not forget that both Punisher and Daredevil are back and I would hazard a guess that Man Thing and Howard the Duck are as well but no one ever talks about them do they!!!

Anyway lets see what Marvel do but please do leave it too long guys.

Source: Nerdbastards
Reporter: Montoya

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  1. I also understand Daredevil is coming back to Marvel too. But Blade and Ghost Rider need reboots. The first Blade was excellent the last two were mediocre.

    I think Iron Man set the standard pretty high. If plans to reboot or develop new characters continues I think fans will be pretty happy.

  2. I understand that Marvel will sell Howard The Duck to anyone – no offer refuses… I recommend they try eBay!

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