TWO New Adult Swim releases coming out on October

Adult Swim are Releasing Two new DVD Box sets!

The first is Metalocalypse (season 2), out on DVD Oct 11th.

The blurb:

Metalocalypse is an animated comedy series that follows the on and off-stage adventures of Dethklok, the world’s most popular and heaviest metal band – so popular that thousands of fans will travel to a remote area of Scandanavia to hear them perform a a jingle for a coffee company.

The Metalocalypse looms over us all like a furious python waiting to attack. Like a large expertly wielded hammer ready to pound and crush us all into a rotten bloody paste. But another danger has revealed itself. The ‘Revengencers’ seek to destroy. They crawl from a putrid sludge to force a horrid tempest onto the lives of our beloved DETHKLOK. And Dethklok is faced with more brutality. The brutality of weight loss, weddings and sobriety – and the brutality of a rock ‘n’ roll clown.

The brilliance and scathing social criticism of METALOCALYPSE scorns the weak-minded and empowers free thinkers, making this the most dangerous programme in the history of television. Beware.

Loaded with 1 krillion super cool zazz-filled metal dildo features including hidden backstories, music videos, interviews and deleted scenes.

The second is the Robot Chicken Star Wars Episodes 1&2 boxset, out Oct 25th.

The blurb:

Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episodes 1&2. Like the twisted dream of a feverish nerd who’s taken too much cold medicine. That’s right, the stop-motion pyjama party from ADULT SWIM collides with the most revered fantasy film franchise – with all the subtlety of a diarrhea-suffering Wookie pounding on your bathroom door. If there’s a bright centre to the entertainment universe, this double-DVD collection is probably the farthest thing from it.

Spoiler Alert: Contains Ewok violence and (drumroll please…) …Boba Fett!

This boxset is loaded with over 4 hours of special features, including: Chicken Nuggets, Animation Meeting, Behind the Scenes, Deleted Scenes, Trailers, Alternate Audio, Production Design, Time Lapse, Photo Gallery, Video Blog, Panel Presentations, Episode Commentary

We will be Reviewing both of these releases for the Website so keep a eye out for that!

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